Equity and Diversity in Music Education

Join us for our first TEACHER CHAT on Equity and Diversity in Music Education. It is our aim to seek to understand the current system and learn how we can provide greater equity and opportunity for all students to thrive through studying music.

Discussions will be solution centered and all positive! Conversations will be open-ended with a desire to develop understanding.

Guiding questions include:

* How can we support Title I music programs to thrive in our region?

* How can we support / encourage teachers in Title I music programs?

* How can we prepare diverse students to succeed in Higher Education programs?

* What aspects of our current systems need to be challenged in order to create more opportunities and access for students of color?

* What ongoing support is necessary once students join university programs to promote success?

Our first chat will happen in Des Moines, WA in mid-August. Send us an email if you would like to join in!

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