Remote Music Teaching Webinar

Guiding Questions

  • How can you engage and inspire your students while teaching remotely?
  • How can you work smarter to make sure that each student is growing at their level without making assignments for every student? 

Webinar Description

Remote teaching and multi-grade / multi-level ensembles make it difficult to appropriately challenge all students.  Differentiated Portfolios provide excellent opportunities to develop and engage your classes.  I will share examples of current student portfolios that show growth over time as well as student-teacher interaction. I will provide samples of differentiated portfolio maps for music theory, band and percussion – though the concept easily transfers to any music discipline. I will also show how I distribute and collect multiple assignments to six different level groups in one class. Finally, I will introduce FreshGrade – the free program that I use to manage the online portfolios of student work, and show how you can easily customize this to work within whatever online program you are using.

This session has been presented at the Washington Music Education conference and at the NAfME National In-Service Conference.

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