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Making Equity Actionable – Virtual Conference Session – July 14, 12:15pm PST
Culturally Responsive Music Teaching

This session will explore research around culturally responsive teaching and apply to the music education context.  Participants will define critical terms relevant to culturally responsive teaching.  Participants will develop cultural competency and culturally responsive pedagogy through examining Trusty Psychology and Growth Pedagogy.  Participants will develop strategies to implement these practices in a music classroom to inspire growth in all students. In order to make equity actionable, teachers need to see the practical path forward and understand the philosophical rationale for developing new methods where all students are invited, included and encouraged.  More than covering the “what and why” of culturally responsive music teaching, this session will inspire action by reimagining our content , innovating and integrating our curriculum, examining our implicit values and sharing collective solutions we can find through community.

2021 July Virtual Conference — Maryland Music Educators Association (mmea-maryland.org)

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