SoundEd Saturday: Fostering Joy, Trust & Belonging

Come to learn how you can use joy, trust and belonging to influence student growth

Applicable to all teachers! Relevant content for all grades and content areas.

In Person Session

Saturday – April 22, 2023
8:00am – 12:00pm
East-Side Community Center – Stewart Room
Tacoma, WA

REGISTRATION: $80 / $60 for new teachers within their first 5 years
Clock Hours – 4 clock hours available through WMEA

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Based on years of research in:


Official Course Description:

How do ideas of belonging, trust and joy impact your classroom, your teaching and your life?  How does focusing on these three things impact student growth? How can these strategies center students and create culturally responsive classrooms? Looking through the lenses of Trust Psychology and Growth Pedagogy, we’ll unpack the ideas of belonging, trust and joy.  Participants will discuss strategies for practical implementation and evaluate outcomes for targeting student growth and culturally responsive practices.  Specific skills will relate to classroom climate and culture, delivering instruction, classroom management, and self-care.

Presented by Peter Briggs

Peter is a passionate teacher with years of experience teaching and inspiring students.  He recently founded SoundEd to share his philosophy and approach with teachers. Visit to learn more or to see what teachers are saying about these workshops.

Focus Areas of Learning:

Culturally Responsive Music Practices

This segment will explore research around culturally responsive teaching and apply to the music education context.  Participants will define critical terms relevant to culturally responsive teaching.  Participants will develop cultural competency and culturally responsive pedagogy through examining Trusty Psychology and Growth Pedagogy.  Participants will develop strategies to implement these practices in a music classroom to inspire growth in all students. In order to make equity actionable, teachers need to see the practical path forward and understand the philosophical rationale for developing new methods where all students are invited, included and encouraged.  

Practical Equity Based Strategies

After examining the WHAT and WHY of equity, this segment will help you explore WHO is represented in your classroom and curriculum, WHERE the access and opportunities are and are not, and HOW we can ensure that all students belong and can thrive in our music classrooms.  

Classroom Culture and Social-Emotional Learning

High levels of TRUST lead to high levels of success.  Protecting the classroom and providing a safe space for students leads to authentic engagement and genuine learning.

Delivering Instruction

Grow and inspire students through instructional pedagogy. Utilize research based strategies to invite thinking and engage all students at the appropriate level.

Classroom Management

Teach with a positive and growth-oriented approach to discipline. Learn to teach, monitor and prevent (or deal with problems later.)

Teacher Self-Care

Stay balanced, healthy and inspired.  Learn how grow from gratitude and maintain your teaching passion.

Ensure 100% Success with INCREDIBLE TEACHING SKILLS!

Read quotes from past participants:

“Peter is a phenomenal educator with philosophies that will live on for the betterment of our students and teachers. His instruction provides a realistic and compassionate approach for those in low demographic schools (and everywhere), giving you tools and thought processes that you can use to shape a personal and reformative look at your teaching, and your relationship to your students. Highly recommend this workshop!”

“This workshop is a fantastic opportunity for you as an educator to dive deeper into the why and how of interacting with your students! Peter Briggs is concise, articulate and passionate about reaching students at their level and inspiring them into their own best potential. He will inspire you in your teaching as well. Check it out, you won’t regret it!”

“I attended Peter’s workshop last spring and came away with so many things to implement in my classroom. Peter’s presentation was insightful and inspiring and just what I needed to make it through the end of the year. I look forward to learning more from him in the future!”

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